A few recent papers to check out:

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“Engineering interaction: Structural change, locus of identification, and the formation and maintenance of cross‐unit ties”, Personnel Psychology, with S. Gray, P. Boumgarden, J. Bechara. Forthcoming.

Bunderson, J.S. & Sanner, B. 2020. How and when can social hierarchy promote learning in groups? In L. Argote & J. Levine (Eds.), Handbook of Group and Organizational Learning, pp. 535-549 Oxford University Press.

“Research on Work as a Calling…and How to Make It Matter”, Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior, Issue 1, 421-443, with J. Thompson, 2019.

“Diversity and Inequality in Management Teams: A Review and Integration of Research on Vertical and Horizontal Member Differences”, Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior, Issue 1, 47-73, with G. Van der Vegt, 2018.

Different Views of Hierarchy and Why They Matter: Hierarchy as Inequality or as Cascading Influence”, Academy of Management Journal, Issue 4, 1265-1289, with G. Van der Vegt, Y. Cantimur, F. Rink, 2016.

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